Staying Safe when Meeting Asian Outcall from Online Site

Your first encounter with your asian outcall girl is not only scary but you are also risking yourself since you meet with the stranger.

Not to mention that you’ve just known her online. There are some rules which can guarantee that it keeps you intact after meeting with the girl.


Tell about this to at least one person


Just in case, you could tell at least one person about what you do with asian outcall and where you are. It does not hurt to turn the location sharing on. It has to be someone you can trust.


Search their pics


Before meeting your asian outcall girl in person, take some time to research and search their pics. Do reverse image research. You will find a thing or two about her in different platforms.


Living proofs


Before meeting your asian outcall girl, it is great idea to have the living proofs of your special one. It is good idea to have a phone call with her first. But it is much better to have a video call since it will give you a better visual cue. You will know that you are dealing with the real person.


Meet in the public place


It is definitely the right thing to do when meeting your asian outcall girl for the first time. If it is allowed to do so, pick a public place to meet with your girl where people surround you can see what you do with your stranger.


Drive by yourself


Sometimes, you are offered good gestures from strangers to take on their rides. But if it is someone new, you should never accept the ride from them. Always drive by yourself or get a ride-sharing service like Uber.


Pay for an hour of parking


It is great idea to meet in the public place where you can pay for parking nearby. Consider to pay for hour of parking. If the date goes well, you could proceed. But if you see something fishy and want to witdhraw, you could use your expiring parking as a legitimate reason to exit the conversation.


Go with your gut


In some situations, it might be tricky to find out whether the asian outcall girl you meet is real deal or not. But you can always trust your gut. If something feels so wrong, you could leave. After all, you don’t owe anything to her. And it is your own body.


Book a neutral room


Don’t do it in your home, office, or your place. And you don’t want to do it in your asian outcall girls’ place as well. You don’t know for sure if there’s a hidden cam there, or authorities eavedrop on you. Consider to reserve a neutral room and you’ll be fine.

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