Guest natural born superior Escort story

Osa and Tyra are two deadly superior women with unprecedented hatred of the male sex. Both are out to wretchedly degrade, severely humiliate and mercilessly end men’s lives. Arnold Layne would be more than euphoric to receive your mails.

“Don’t be worried! It’s a handy plan; piece of cake. We’ll enter the apartment just like that. I know the owners. They are filthy rich. They are out of the country and coming back in one month. I’ve got it all figured out. I know there must be valuable things or jewels in there. There are no security people guarding the building.

Just a female janitor who lives in the basement of that building, and even if she finds out about us, I’ll take care of her and snap her fucking neck in a flash of a moment,” Michael explained his plan to me.

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Michael was my friend and high school mate. We wanted to smoke a marijuana joint but we didn’t have any money. I listened to his plan but I was so scared. I’ve never stolen a thing before.”Ok. I’ll leave you now and meet you in a couple of hours so that that janitor would fall asleep at night. I told you, it’s easy,” he said.

We met more than two hours later and went to that apartment building.

Everything seemed quite. We used the staircase and went up on tiptoe. Our

target apartment was on the fifth floor. In a few minutes we were inside.

It all seemed easy as Michael earlier said.

We used a small torch while we were searching for any valuable thing. At

last we found a diamond necklace in one of the drawers. We were so happy

and were preparing to leave when all of a sudden I heard something swinging

strongly in the air and hitting my head. I don’t remember anything but soon

I came back to my senses and the lights were on.

I tried to get up but my hands were tied from the back and so were my legs.

I opened my eyes slowly and to my awe saw Michael’s unconscious face under

a big black right foot. My eyes went up the foot and stopped at a huge

strong thick bulging calf, which was inflated like a small balloon. I tried

to raise my head up a little to see to whom that formidable calf belonged

to but there was something heavy on my left cheek that prevented my head

from raising an inch. I was lying facedown and so was Michael.

As I was not able to see beyond that calf, my eyes climbed down to the ball

of a strong firm foot with a long unpolished big toenail. I could not see

but just the big toe. The foot I was watching was resting on Michael’s

right cheek. I could see his face but he was still unconscious. I began to

return to my senses little by little and searched for the left leg of that

body but could not find it. I presumed that this left leg must have been

the heavy thing keeping my head from rising.

“Hello! Haha ha!”

I heard a laugh but could not make out what was going on. I tried to sneak

a look as higher as I could but nothing beyond that right calf.

“Did you think it was that easy? The fool down there thought that too.

Through a year now he must be damning every hour the day when he thought

that it would be that easy … .haha hahaha!”

The heavy thing on my left cheek was pressing hard and even began to grind

my jaw. It was like a ton of steel crushing my head. I was in real pain as

the grinding grow that I let out a shout of agony. My shout and similar

crushing on Michael’s right cheek brought him back to his senses. Our eyes

met as if we were asking one another what the hell was going on. None of us

had a clue but all I understood was that I had to endure some pain on my


“You little thieves! Big mama will teach you a lesson you’ll never, never

forget!” We heard this phrase uttered with a growl and followed by a

formidable laugh. It was the sound of a woman but apparently a strong one.

Her laughs were followed by more grinding on our faces God only knows how

long it lasted, but I thought it was for a very long time.

I felt my jawbones were crushed under that immense pressure. The grinding

softened for a while but the woman just kept resting her big sole on my

cheek. I saw her right sole departing Michael’s cheek only to point her big

toenail on his facial skin and plant it deeper gradually into the soft part

of his cheek. Michael released a shout of pain but she did not seem to care

as the nail was still going deeper that from my position I could see her

big toe vanishing into Michael’s cheek.

The big toe went up in the air above Michael’s face for a second and then

landed into another spot of his cheek. It pressed into the bony part next

to his right eye. Michael’s shout was louder this time as the nail was

driving hard into his skin. Blood started to appear from that very spot

where the nail was mercilessly going deeper.

The nail then slid to leave scars in Michael’s nose from its side. Cries

were filling the air in the room.

In nearly 20 minutes of non-stop torture, Michael’s face was in blood all

over and still under the right foot of that suspected woman.

Sharp toenails began to scratch my own left cheek and the big toenail was

digging in my skin deeper and deeper, prompting me to scream amidst laughs

of enjoyment I kept hearing from above.

“I could drive my big toenail into your eye and gouge this fuckin’ eyeball

out of its socket!” The words struck fear into my heart and I was really


The scratching and toenail torture lasted for about 30 minutes. Blood

gushed from nearly all pores of my face. All the time we heard laughs as if

we were toys to play with.

“I think I prefer your faces in that condition. I like them this way!”

No voice was heard in the room except our cries and her laughs.

We were still under feet when one foot moved from over Michael’s face. I

saw a hand grapping Michael’s hair and raising him into a kneeling

position. My vision was blurry from the blood that submerged my eyes but I

could see Michael on his knees with his hands tied behind his back.

“Now, moron! Let me give you some foot-slapping to straighten you up for a


My head was still under a firm left foot that left me no single inch to

move it.


I heard a strong sound more like a slap on a cheek followed by a scream

from Michael and joyful laughs from our captor.

The sound of the slaps were very strong I could tell from the screams made

by Michael after each hit. After nearly an hour of non-stop slapping I saw

Michael falling on his side unconscious, followed by the usual laughs. I

was still under the foot of my captor.

The foot was removed and a hand grasped me by the hair and had me on my

knees in the same kneeling position Michael was an hour ago.

I was now facing the captor. She was a strong huge though short woman that

was the spitting image of Queen Latifa, that ebony singer, except that she

had a firmer body and strong muscles. She must be in her mid-40s and was

wearing nothing except an orange bra and G-string. She was really sexy, but

I was not in the mood to think about that because I was so scared I could

wet my pants.

Her hair tended to be brown and she wore it in the Beyonce style. Her eyes

were black, her nose was small and she had thin firm lips and curled at me

in a despising expression as if I am unworthy of any respect from her. The

matter-of-factness with which she was adjusting my kneeling position to be

in the sweet spot she liked the most emphasized my feeling of her

uncontested superiority over me. My heart was pounding and jumping inside

my chest in fear of what is to come. I know she would do what she had

already done to Michael who is totally fainted and lying on the floor.

She was so meticulous as to deliver her punishment and violent wrath fairly

between me and Michael.

“Now let’s have another round of foot-slapping fun, motherfucker!” she

addressed me with direct contact from her staring eyes that eventually

forced mine to look down as if her eyes were sending unarguable orders to

mine to look down in submission.

She moved back a little and rested her both hands on the bed for support

now that she thought my position was more than OK.

Her legs were really awesome. Her thighs were wide, thick, strong, meaty

and athletic with not a single dent. I bet she jogs everyday. I swear the

width of her thigh is larger than my waist. Her knees were meaty with no

protruding bones and her calves were really fantastically bulging and

solid. Although her feet were not big, they were our world – me and Michael

– a while ago. She had neat long sharp pointed toe-nails and she wore no


What if I got up and run and spare myself the imminent torture I know I am

going to endure. May be I could run to the door and run as fast as I could,

but how should I leave Michael, my friend? It is true he was the one to

blame entirely for bringing us into this trouble but I can’t leave him.

I was awakened from my reveries with a strong slap from her right sole that

landed on my left cheek. “Aaaaah!!! Please forgive me! I’ll never do this

again!” I pleaded.

“Hehehe..hehe!! easy, boy! The lesson has not started yet … I am just

preparing both of you to break you down to be fully under my power,” she


Whaaaaaaam!!! She landed another sole slap on my right cheek with the same

right leg. My face was forced to look to the right and left directions by a

foot-slap every two or three seconds.

She didn’t seem to care much about my screams. On the contrary, the louder

my screams grew the louder she laughed. Obviously she enjoyed having my

face as a toy to play with between her two lethal irresistible feet. I

thought may be if she found out about the deadly effect of her feet, she

would have mercy on us. We badly needed her mercy as there was not a sign

of resistance on our parts. Each time I open my mouth to plead for mercy,

her foot-slapping was much faster than my tongue.

The wretched bleeding state of our faces did not satisfy her, though. She

was not giving a damn at all about our faces.

Nearly an hour passed and she used only her right foot to apply torture on

my face. I was forced to look to the left and then another slap to force me

to look to the right and so on. I began to see stars and my vision grew

blurry from the blood and dizziness. Suddenly, she stopped the foot-

slapping to my relief, but I still could not see her quite clearly. I just

saw a blurry black figure with white teeth and heard non-stop laughing.

She rested her right foot on my left shoulder. There was a cupboard behind

me that I leaned on for support.

The savage brutal woman then dug her big toenail of her right foot into my

forehead and scratched it ruthlessly. I was in real pain but had not

strength to scream. I felt as if I were dying. I heard cries of pain too

from Michael who was lying on the floor and began to stir back to his


She stood up and walked one step in Michael’s direction. She stood over him

with his head between her two legs and then raised her big toenail of her

right foot and dug it into his forehead and began to scratch it.

“If you moved your head an inch, asshole, I would never stop the process.

Just lie still until I mark something on your forehead,” she hissed at him

from above.

In the meantime, I was feeling very sick and fell unconscious for some


Everything went so quickly that we did not even have a clue about what has

exactly happened. That woman completely overpowered us. We did not even

knew who she was or how she entered the apartment that we were about to


May be I was in a bad dream and all of this was not happening; I became no

longer certain.

I stirred and regained my senses only to find myself in a place that was

more like a bathroom. Yeah, it was a bathroom. Michael was lying on his

back on the floor next to me, while the woman was sitting on the tub


“Welcome back to my world, moron! Now let’s have your faces washed because

I still got a few things to apply. I think I fucked your faces bad enough,

right? Huh? Mmmm… let’s see how we should do this. Listen, I will untie

both of you but don’t you ever think about doing anything stupid you might

not live longer to regret afterwards… I want you to wash your own faces

clean for now,” she growled.

The woman stirred my body with her foot and I was lying on the bathroom

floor facedown and untied my hands and legs. She grabbed me by the collar

of my shirt and helped me stood up.

“Now wash your face in this basin and wash it clean,” she ordered. I was

still so scared and did what she wanted me to do. My face was in real pain

as the water was going all over it but all the wounds stopped gushing more

blood. She did the same thing with Michael and then had us both in walking

before her to the hall of that apartment. “Stop!” she ordered firmly. We


She sat on one of the armchairs in the hall while both of us were standing

in front of her. “Kneel down! Both of you!” she commanded in her firm tone

that left no place for argument.

We went down on our knees as she ordered us.

“That’s good now! Let’s have a frank talk. What were both of you up to? You

wanted to steal from this apartment owned by rich people. You knew that

they were not living in that place and were out of the country and you

thought it would be so easy to do it. Get whatever money or jewels here and

go home just like that…you were so stupid to do that. I’ll soon introduce

you to a man whom I captured one year ago trying to do exactly what you

did. He’s, however, much older than you, and me too… he..he’s nearly 60

or 61 years old. He tried to resist but I beat the fuckin’ daylights out of

him until he finally surrendered to me. We had a deal. He offered to do

whatever I ask him to in return for stopping to torture him. I use him to

my amusement in more than one way and he never dares say no to any of my

commands. The two of us agreed that if he served me quite well and with

great devotion and loyalty for two years, I would release him and forget

about what he had done. But what about you? You both seem young to me. You,

how old are you?”

“I am 17,” I replied

“And you?”

“I am 18,” Michael answered.

“Mmmm…you’re young and crazy but I think you’ll pay dearly for your crazy

actions. You’ll never forget about me. I’ll leave fucking scars in your

lives. You know, I wish that any of you or both of you think stupidly about

overpowering me. That would be the end of your pathetic lives. I want to

kill somebody to see how killing tastes.”

“Please, have mercy on us. We were wrong yes… but you just punished us

enough. Just let us go,” I mustered my courage and pleaded to the woman.

“Oh ho..ho! no no! The punishment was not enough. I don’t feel satisfied. I

just can’t get enough. Besides, I need servants to look after me….I am

getting a bit old and need some attendants…I am 46 years old and I am the

janitor of this troublesome building. I’ve been here for nearly six years.

My husband was the janitor here and I had another job outside this Goddamn

building. He died three years ago and I had to take his responsibilities.

The residents of this building insist that I should stay because I do a

fine job here. You can help me with those responsibilities, but we’ll talk

about that later.”

The woman was speaking with an air of utter confidence that left us no

space to argue. Michael argued, though.

“But, Mme…we have our schools and studying and I don’t know what our

parents would do when they find out about our sudden absence me and John,”

he said.

“Do you think I should give a fuck about this? You’re dead wrong…you

should have thought about that before you two fucking flies fall into the

web of the spider that I am…I don’t like arguments here you son of a

bitch otherwise I’ll punish you severely. Do you know that I have a secret

tunnel that leads to some space fitting to be a graveyard? I can kill both

of you now and nobody would find out about it.”

Her words struck more fear in my heart. That woman was so scary that I

planned to never argue with her or to disobey her instructions.

“Enough talking! Now crawl on the floor facedown like worms in my direction

and wait for further orders!” she commanded.

I went facedown and began to crawl and Michael was crawling too until we

were so close to her feet.

“Now stop!” she said.

“Each one of you take one foot in his hands and deluge it with

kisses….until further notice…hehe!”

None of us hesitated disobeying her orders for a second. We crawled

facedown like the worms she ordered us to be. Michael reached her left foot

and I reached her right. She wiggled and spread her toes so playfully in

front of our faces in signal to have us worship her feet.

“I want nice smooth tongue-massage of my toes … .uh uh! And don’t forget in

between the toes … got a lot of toe-jam here for both of you … now start,” she

ordered in the firmest of tones as if she took it for granted that we would

never refuse.

Her right foot was my world now. I started licking toe by toe as smoothly

as I could in line with her instructions. I licked from the tip of the nail

of the big toe and all the way up then repeat the process again for each

toe and over and again I return to the big toe. She spread her toes as if

she were signaling us to lick between the toes.

“Gosh! There was really a lot of toe-jam to clean!” I thought to myself.

She seems to be enjoying the tongue-massaging I can tell from her laughs. I

didn’t know then whether she laughed from enjoyment or from the position we

assumed at her feet.

“Yeah! Thaaaaat’s it! C’mon … yeah … lick, lick, lick … don’t you stop  … I am

enjoying every second of it … oh God! I needed that so much!…yeah!!  c’mon,

c’mon … I am spreading my toes here for both of you … worship my

feet … yeah..that’s it  … that’s so nice …’ll be my favorite

footboys from now on … hahahahhha..yeah … . keep going … travel your tongues

through my toes  … lovely, aren’t they?”

We kept worshipping her feet and sucking her toes for nearly an hour or

more and all the while she was enjoying herself having two men pampering

her feet and toes. My face was in real pain from the merciless beating and

toenail scratching I received from my captor. Michael and I really looked

ridiculous doing this but we had no choice. I devotedly sucked and licked

her feet and toes in the same devotion of Michael. I stole a look at him

every now and then with the corner of my right eye. I didn’t know when

would it end but I kept on giving the woman’s feet a tongue-massage. I was

really scared. I don’t know what else could happen, but I felt something

worse is yet to come.

Deep in my heart I wanted to call Michael names because he got us into all

this, but Michael himself was helpless as I was.

“Now I want both of you under this big armchair I am sitting on right now.

Quick, I haven’t got all night. There’s some slave waiting for his meal. I

haven’t fed him in hours,” she instructed.

We changed our positions from facedown to lying on our backs and kept

moving our bodies forward until both of us were lying under that big

armchair she was sitting on.

“That’s enough! I just need your faces here to use as footrests,” she said

with a scornful expression on her face I could see from my position. That

was the last thing I saw for the moment and then it was dark as she rested

her right foot over my face and I assume she rested her left over


We stayed in this footrest position for nearly 15 or 20 minutes when she

finally said something.

“Now open your mouths and give my toes and soles some tongue massage and

perhaps you can slobber over them and give them a footbath. Start right

now!” she commanded with a growl.

We did as we were told and give her toes and soles the massaging and bath

she just needed. She showed an expression on her face that was a mix of joy

and despise in the same time: her eyes gleamed with joy while her lips were

curled in that scornful look.

“Ah … yeah … that’s it! Nice dogboys slobbering all over my

feet..yeah … c’mon … that’s it … give me more and more … worship those feet … worship

mommy’s feet … take good nice care of ‘em … they’re so tired and need 100%

attention on your part … come on  … yeah ..more, more, more and moooooore … yes,”

she said in an ecstatic tone of voice that betrayed enjoyment.

She did not care at all about those young men under her feet. She was using

us for her pleasure to the fullest degree, but all the time I was wondering

why she frequently said she had someone down there to feed and why she was

so interested.

Whenever I was sticking my tongue out, she clutched it between her big and

second toe of her right foot like a tweezers. The strong pressure of her

toes made my tongue ache most of the time but even that I could not scream

about. I had to endure it to the maximum and pray for an end.

“Keep it stuck out, dogboy!” she growled.

My mouth was wide open and tongue sticking out firmly. She rubbed the flesh

between her two toes around my tongue up and down. She never stopped. I

think I gave her right foot a good cleaning bath.

She pushed my lower lip down in an attempt to make me open my mouth wide. I

opened my mouth wide just to have toes inside. She tried insert all of her

toes into my mouth by her foot was too big for it although I opened it as

wide as I could. I got four of her toes, though. The little one had no

place but somehow she found a way of forcing it inside. I had all her toes

now in my mouth. She even pushed more of her foot in.

“You’ve got to learn how to take all my precious toes inside your mouth.

Wash them inside with your tongue,” I did as told and I think Michael did

it too. Although felt so gagged by her foot, I kept traveling my tongue

around her toes and long nails until she took her feet off our mouths after

a while.

“Now there are other kinds of training you have to be introduced to. You

see, I am an old woman and cannot walk much about the place here. So, mommy

is relying on your youth and strength to help her avoid walking whenever

she needs to go from one place to another. I think you wouldn’t mind

carrying me about. In other words you two are going to be my means of

transportation … hahahha!”

She did not need to explain it. I figured everything out when she said she

could not walk about the place.

“All right! Let’s get on with it … you’ve got many things to learn here.

Let’s not waste time. Get on your feet both of you,” she ordered.

We stood up second later she did.

“Let’s begin with one of you at a time. Be attentive to what I’ll instruct,

dickweeds! There are two positions for me to ride you. The back-bending

position, and the all-fours position. I’d prefer the first for long

distances, and the second for short ones and fun play, understood?”

“Understood, Mme,” Michael and me said nearly in the same time.

“Ok. Let’s begin with you. Bend your back!” she addressed Michael, who did

as told. She rested both hands on his bent back and jumped to sit on it as

if she were a professional equestrienne.

“This is just a good start! Now listen, I don’t want to talk too much.

There are signals for you to learn so that whenever I give them you’ll know

whether I want you to proceed, stop, go faster or go slower. When I hit you

on the nape once while you’re not moving like this, that means you must

move. When I hit you once while you’re moving that means you have to stop.

Whenever I am not using the reins for right and left directions, I’ll use

my feet for that. My right foot nudging your right cheek to the left means

you should go left and my vice versa. I think it’s very clear. There are

two other things left. Suppose I want you to go in a circle. That would be

signaled by my right or left foot staying on your right or left cheek, that

if I want to stop circling around, I’ll take my feet off your cheeks. If I

need to go backwards, I’ll hit you on the ass with my hand like that. And

now for speeds; the reins I have down there would make this easier for you

but if there are no reins, I’ll hit my both feet at the sides of your legs

like that, and keep my feet stuck on them if I want you to go slower. I

think it’s very clear. Well … mmm. We finished the theoretical side, not

let’s get on with the practical one. Practice makes perfect, after

all … hhahahaha!!’

I thanked heavens that she did not start this lecture with me, because all

the time she was explaining her instructions and signals she was mounting

Michael’s back. I stood there watching as I had no orders to do otherwise.

Michael did very well in this test that lasted for about 10 minutes. He was

so attentive to every single signal from the lady. She then dismounted and

had Michael to assume the all-fours position and she rode him like that for

about five minutes while applying the same signals in the “fun play”

position. She rode Michael in my direction and signaled him to stop. He

did, and then she dismounted.

The lady then stood facing me. The curly despising lips were still haunting

her face. Without saying a word, she put her right hand on my scruff and

brought my head down. My back was bent. She jumped on my back in the same

agile way she did with Michael. Of course there was no slight resistance on

my part.

I was hit hard on the nape in signal for me to move. I did. Michael was

still on the all-fours position as he received no other instructions. She

was a bit heavy on my back but I could endure it. I was heading towards a

wall. I received no signal yet to turn to the right or the left. I went on

until I my head slightly hit the wall.

“That’s just grrrreeat! If you had turned to the left or right without my

instructions, I would have punished you severely,” she said in a relishing

tone. She then placed the sole of her right foot on my right cheek so I

moved to the left until she took her foot off my cheek and then I started

heading in a straight line. She nudged both her feet against the sides of

my legs and so I went faster, she did it again, and I went even faster. She

kept her feet stuck on my legs and I slowed down. I was attentive to every

signal to avoid her wrath. She hit her hand on my ass and so I went

backwards until finally I received a strong hit on the nape that made a

loud sound and so I stopped.

“Oh..that’s nice … good ponyboy! You have a promising career with me, horsie

boy! Now listen … I don’t need to dismount to ride you in another position.

Two hits on the nape is signal enough for you to change position, whether

to the all-fours or to the back-bending. Let’s try it,” she said.

I received two strong hits on the nape.

“ … easy, boy! Don’t let mommy fall or she’ll beat the hell out of


I went down on my knees while she was on my back as slowly and smoothly as

I could.

I received two hits on the nape again, and so I figured out I should change

position to the back-bending.

“Ooooh!! That’s really good … you learn so fast,” she said, giving me a pat

on my hair as if I were a real pony.

She dismounted, to my relief. My back was a bit tired from carrying all her

weight on for nearly 20 minutes.

“Nice ponies … you are my dear horsies now … Thank you for helping mommy … both

of you are so considerate … keep it up, horsies!” she said, ensconcing

herself into a big armchair with an air of relief and confidence.

“Ok..i’ll take a rest for a while and then move down to my place and this

time you two will carry me. I need to take a few hours’ sleep after all the

efforts I exerted,” she said.

I did not understand what efforts she exerted. She beat us nearly to death

and even had fun riding us like we were her own pets.

Five minutes after she rested both her feet on our backs while we were

still assuming the all-fours position.

She sat silent for a while and then she spoke.

“Oh! By the way! I almost forgot! Part of your duties would be … mmm! Let’s

put it that way; you have to take away all my bodily odors, like sweat … but

this is not going to be most of the time. If I felt my armpits reek, I’ll

ask both of you to lick them clean and take the sweat away with your

tongue … let’s make a little demonstration.”

She ordered us to stand on both sides of the armchair. She stretched both

arms wide.

“Now each one of you lick my armpit,” she commanded.

We licked and licked. She did not reek much sweat but we kept on licking

her armpits until she ordered us to stop.

“See? It’s easy. It’s just like you take away my toejam in your mouth.

Actually, when I mentioned odor, I wasn’t thinking of my armpits. I was

thinking of another type of odor. The problem is I am of the farting type.

I fart too much. Farting really relieves me but unfortunately I don’t like

their smell. But why should I bother as long as I have two servants like

you who should be willing to take them away by sniffing them down into

their own lungs?”

Her tests are growing worse and worse and nastier and nastier, but this one

takes a beating. Now, she wanted us to sniff her farts. I was afraid she

might have another demonstration for the time being. She always gets her

theories followed by practical tests. My intuition was right, though.

“OK, servants! It’s time for another demonstration. Unfortunately, I need

to fart, and I need to do it now … I ate too much turnip and they are now

giving me a lot of gas inside my stomach … come on, now. Get down one your

knees in front of me. You’ve got to know what mommy’s farts look like

anyway,” she said.

On our knees we were and I was very concerned and feeling so nasty to sniff

someone’s farts.

She always started her tests and demos with Michael. I thanked heavens for

that. She pulled Michael’s hair strongly and had his head right in between

her stretched thighs. She put one leg on his shoulder to keep him in place

and had his head right where she wanted.

“Get ready, servant! There’s a big one coming your way. You better sniff it

well. I don’t want to smell it. Just don’t let it escape your nostrils,”

she commanded.

A couple of seconds later I heard a spluttering noisy sound and from where

I was kneeling next to Michael, I could smell a VERY nasty smell more like

that of a perished animal. She was grabbing Michael’s head so his face was

completely buried in her crotch. She followed her first deadly chemical

attack with two more farts that gave out the same dirty smell. All the

while I could her Michael’s sniffing sounds.

“Oh … you’re such a loser! I still smell them. Why didn’t you sniff them away

so good? I think you need to be shaped up quickly. I don’t have time for

pathetic clumsy servants. It’s time for punishment. Lie down on your back!”

she growled in her angry tone.

Michael lied on his back. She stood up and made for his face. She stomped

on it and foot-slapped his cheeks so cruelly with her right sole for about

five minutes.

“You shit-head! You ruined my pleasure. I thought I broke you successfully

but apparently there seems to be some gaps still,” she said, stopping her

punishment of Michael after he fainted.

“Now let’s try again with you. Let’s see if you’re going to make me feel ok

or end up like this moron,” she said, ensconcing herself into this armchair

again. She stretched her legs wide and grabbed me by the hair and then put

her right leg behind my left shoulder.

“Oh let’s see … mmm! Ooooh! I feel several farts want to break free from my

intestines. Be prepared, servant!’s one coming. Sniff hard!”

She exploded another big nasty one with a horrible sound. I sniffed as

strong as I could and prepared for myself for more. I didn’t have much time

to think about it. All I thought about was to try to avoid Michael’s fate.

“Ooooh! Here’s another one!”

She cracked a soundless but a very smelly fart that I inhaled deeply into

my nostrils. She gave out a third one and a fourth. I inhaled them as

strong as deep as I could. I waited for more but she didn’t give any. She

released her right leg and pulled my head back away from her crotch.

“Oh you’re a hell of a sniffer! That was so great. You did a very good job,

servant! I didn’t smell any of my farts. Thank you for helping mommy in the

way she pleased. See? That was easy too, but that bastard lying there is

showing poor performance. I’ll consider your loyal service, boy. Just be

attentive and pay concentration to each word mommy says and you’ll be OK,”

she said. Michael came back to his senses but stayed on his back.

She stood up and grabbed our hair with both hands and forced us to stand up

and then put both hands on our scruffs and made us assume the back-bending

position. She had us sticking to one another and then jumped on our backs.

The weight was lighter for both of us now. She signaled us to move with a

synchronized hit with both hands on our two napes. We moved.

“Now take me to my place downstairs, servants! Careful with the precious

being over your backs. I need smooth moves. I want to enjoy riding you. I

still didn’t hear ‘yes, Mme’ you stupid servants,” she hissed.

“Yes, Mme,” we uttered it in the same time.

We went out the apartment and took the stairs carrying the lady on our

backs. I felt so humiliated I wanted to kill Michael. He got us into all

these troubles and God along knows when this would end. I was beaten so

cruelly, forced to worship this hellish woman’s feet, sniff her farts and

now carry her as if I were her horse.

From my position I could see her right foot next to my face. Her feet were

really beautiful and sexy but enormously cruel and deadly.

We reached the first floor. She put her right foot on my right cheek in

signal to turn right. I did. She took it off and we went straight then.

There was a wooden door. We stopped at it after we received a hit on the


“You, take this key and open the door,” she said, nudging my right cheek

with her right foot. I stretch my hand to take it. I turned the key and the

door opened.

We received another hit on the napes. We moved ahead.

The room was wide to some extent. There was a bed and facing it was a small

table with a TV on it. The walls were clumsily painted blue.

“Ok. Get down on your knees. First of all let me introduce you to your

senior colleague. He’s a veteran in serving me in many ways. However, I

think you’ll ease some burdens off his shoulders,” she said as she

dismounted off our backs. She went walked in the direction of a door that

was most probably a bathroom. She opened it, and to our awe, there was an

old man whose both hands were handcuffed to water pipes inside the

bathroom. The man was meekly silent. His hair was white and his facial

complexion was so wrinkled. He seemed like a sexagenarian. Traces of

beating and whipping were so clear over his naked body. He was wearing

nothing except white underwear.

I was dumbfounded by this scene. He seemed to have been languishing in

slavery for years. The woman stood there with a wicked smile on her face as

if she were proudly demonstrating a piece of surrealistic art.

“This granny has been serving me for quite a while. He’s totally under my

power and can do whatever I think of whenever I want. Of course he was so

stupidly stubborn in the beginning but I actually convinced him in many

ways that he should remain a faithful servant to me. I applied the severest

of punishments on him until I broke him into total submission. Finally, he

was able to understand that he has to obey me and do whatever I want. My

demands are so simple: obedience. It’s not too much. He learned the lesson

so adeptly. I use him as my footstool. He massages my feet. He takes me

anywhere I want on his back like he was my horse. He takes all my farts

into his lungs. As a matter of fact, I totally appreciate his services. I

take care of him. I feed him. He gets the same meals I have but after a

little processing.”

I did not understand her last sentence, but the woman did not waste much

time to explain it.

“Hi, granny! I am so sorry for leaving you nearly a whole day without an

ounce of food. Don’t worry, though. I have a lot of food to give you now.

Mmmm! Let me think! It’s a very nice menu today. You’ll get pizza, salad

and cole slaw and guess what … alllllot of Pepsi!”

We were on our knees just watching. She took two big transparent vessels.

Peeled off her underwear and squatted over one of them. She was facing the

old man and giving us her back. In seconds she started sending out big

thick logs of shit into the vessel. I could hear her making some sounds as

if she were pushing something. Yeah, she was pushing the first big log of

her brown cargo. The smell was horrible and spread like a chemical attack

in the whole room.

I just did not believe what I was watching. It was as if I were having a

bad dream. I hoped deep down that it was one.

She made a terrible spluttering sounds and feces exploded like hell into

the vessel: big and small logs came after one another like soldiers quickly

escaping one after the other from a small opening in a wall. All the while

she was making sounds like oooh and aaah. She must have been relieving

herself from the waste inside her body.

She kept shitting into the vessel for nearly 10 minutes or so. She removed

the vessel and took the other empty one and laid it beneath her while she

was still squatting.

In seconds too she began emptying her bladder into the vessel. She took a

wild piss into it as if she hadn’t urinated for a week. It was like a flood

that the big vessel was filled to the edge in just a minute.

She stood up and turned her back to the old man.

“Hehehe! Now clean me, granny!”

She took a couple of steps back and then bent her back. The old man

automatically started licking her shit hole clean for nearly three minutes

until she said “enough!”

She undid the handcuffs and gave him a pat on his hair as if he were her



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